Most learners strive to get good grades during their school years in order to be able to get a good chance at being admitted at high institutions for a hope of a better life post university, however most of them struggle getting those grades during their normal classes due to high paced teachers determined to cover the scope as stipulated by the department that they end up not ‘making’ the grade to be admitted at universities. What TutorEkasi does is, it helps these learners better understand the work being covered in class during school holidays by having tutoring sessions with the learners on a one-on-one basis where they are allowed to ask as many ‘dumb questions’ (Most learners never ask questions in class because they think they are dumb questions_we give them platform to ‘whisper’ those questions to us) as they want to make sure they understand and grasp the concept of what is being taught and the purpose of its teaching.

Welcome to TutorEkasi_we do hope your association with our organisation is one that is memorable enough you want to come back and work again with us. Nelson Mandela once said that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’, TutorEkasi believes in that and also believes that learners should use their schooling years as learning years; learning to LEARN, INNOVATE and EXCECUTE, as the world moves away from Good Grades, Good Job and Good Life_the upcoming generation needs to be more innovative than any other generation to live comfortably.

Whether it’s extra tutoring sessions or career guidance and subject choices for your future endeavours TutorEkasi is here to help! Volunteers for tutoring preceding grades are welcomed; from accounting to general subjects, TutorEkasi covers them. Please click your appropriate interest tab below!

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