Article by Palesa Nkwadi, Volunteer.

The TutorEkasi team hosted its first career exhibition on the 18th of April 2015 at Hlonipha Secondary School, Kwamhlanga-Mpumalanga. The tutors were there bright and early despite the cold weather, preparations were immediately under way with the tutors moving desks and chairs, sweeping the floor and setting up tables according to different faculties. A young charismatic chap entered the door an hour early, for us as tutors that was an indication of determination and an eagerness to learn and attain as much info as possible. The learner offered to assist with the last minute preparations of which his help was of great need and much appreciated. One of the tutors had fun writing on the board what different faculties offered, making it easy for learners to align a specific career field with a particular faculty.

CareerExpoTEThere were five different faculties represented on the day, which were: Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities, Built environment and Engineering as well as Commerce, Law and Management.  Each faculty had one or two tutors presenting on what is available on each faculty and what is required for the learners to be able to qualify for a particular school in a specific faculty. Learners poured in to explore what was available to them and to ask questions related to different universities, fees, university residence and the general lifestyle of a university student.

Comments and questions from learners ranged from more academic specific enquiries such as how many scores are required for a particular course at secondary level to more social oppugner such as coping with stress and dealing with lifestyle transitions. On the day of the career exhibition we also had other visitors; Ms. Yvonne Dludlu from the NYDA and Mr Sello Ngema from the University of Mpumalanga who contributed immensely in making the day a success, TutorEkasi was honoured to have them as guests. The day was filled with fun, information sharing, giving and lots of questions.

See you at our next event!!!

Lots of love

Palesa Nkwadi     

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