A lethal combination of perseverance and hard work: 2016 Career Exhibition:

-Author: Palesa Nkwadi (Volunteer Admin)

As we had our 2nd year of hosting a career exhibition at Hlonipha Secondary School in Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga. Ambivalent feelings surfaced amongst TutorEkasi members, pondering their heads about how the day will unfold, whether we have enough man power to assist and of course how the learners will perceive the information given to them. TutorEkasi (TE) members came in bright and early to the venue to set the environment for the learners. Bursary posters were put up, material from different universities and colleges were displayed on the tables, a chalkboard was used to give a brief explanation of what each faculty consisted of, as well as possible degrees in those specific faculties. The tutors were wearing their TE T-shirts, enthusiastic and waiting patiently for the learners.

The first group of enthusiasts consisted of the grade 12’s that showed interest in what was available and the different diploma/degree criteria. The learners were charged with the career exposure held. It was amazing to have a chat with a group of girls from the school that indicated that despite the hardships they face on a day-to-day basis (Being an underprivileged area), they still find the time and energy to do their home work and go through what they have learnt during the day at school. It was inspiring to interact with learners with such energy and gist despite their hardships. The second group of learners were the grade 11’s that immersed the exhibition with their minds full of curiosity and wonder. Both the grade 11’s and 12’s were encouraged to apply in time and also apply at different high learning institutions.

Now what did we cover during this exhibition? TE informed learners about higher education institutions; about the degrees/diplomas/certificates they offer, entrance requirements, fees, residence, etc. The organisation informed learners about possible career paths, available bursaries, careers they offer, bursary application, internship contracts, etc. Advice was given to learners on career choices. After the event the learners were asked if the session was of any help for evaluative purposes as well as to check if whether these sessions were effective for them.

With the successful execution of the 2016 TE Career Exhibition, we aim to take this project to a bigger venue to accommodate more schools around the Kwamhlanga area going forward. With well-planned execution, monitoring, funding and dedication this project has the potential to change learners’ views of their future. We believe that by giving the learners the information and showing them their options, we will create a new breed of youngsters; a breed that is both enthusiastic and ready for the future.

We do recognise that there is still more work to be done in our country’s education, problems like learners’ inability to transition from basic to higher education resulting in varsity dropouts. We plan to address these and more issues in the future, as for now we want to take things one step at the time so as to properly make sure that each and every problem is addressed and solved.

Yours in service,

The TutorEkasi Team

‘’Service To Many, Leads To Greatness”


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