TutorEkasi will assist ambitious township learners’ matriculate with good, “door-opening” results by bringing information to them and having prearranged tutoring sessions; granting them an opportunity to access higher learning institutes. 


  • Education First

Education is the prime objective of TutorEkasi; we dedicated to ensure learners get the basic education they deserve for future endeavours.

  • Respect

Respect amongst both learners and the staff (Volunteers, Part-timers and Full-timers) is essential for the smooth sailing of the organisation’s objectives.

  • Accountability and Integrity

We believe by learning to be honest and accountable (At an early stage) for ones mistakes, one learns faster and actively, making them more responsible and capable in the future.

  • Value and Care

Valuing and caring for one another in the organisation makes the environments in which we carry out our tasks conducive for both the learners and the staff, which in turn helps with the building of trust and the sense of belonging within the group.

  • Passion and Pride

We are passionate about helping those needing our help and take pride in having helped person(s) with their academic difficulties.