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“In the South African schooling system, education is only compulsory up until Grade 9. This marks the end of the General Education and Training (GET) phase. However, it is of utmost importance to continue studying. You can choose to remain in school and complete Grade 12 and obtain the National Senior Certificate (NSC). Alternatively, you can enroll at an FET college for vocational studies and obtain the National Certificate Vocational (NCV)”. ** However if you choosing to pursue your NSC then the following is very crucial for you: Subject choice, the choosing of subjects in your grade 10 for future accurate career choices.

Career choice starts as early as in grade 9 (Sad but true), whilst you not exactly choosing one specific field-although it would be beneficial-you want to at least have an idea of what industry you want to be in post matric. This will play a big role in your subject choice when you get into grade 10 the following year, as subjects you choose in this grade determine what degree, diploma or certificate you can get from higher learning institutions. Therefore it is of utmost importance that as a grade 9 learner you have at least an idea of what career industry you want to be in, however, although it is mostly about career choices it is also about enjoying yourself; it doesn’t help choosing subjects you literally spit fire (Figuratively speaking) from thinking about in the name of career choice therefore subjects you choose must be subjects you can do happily and get at least 50% pass rate out of them, although we (TutorEkasi) do not encourage such marks some institutions can accept you in their learning programs.

The challenges mentioned above are what make the TutorEkasi Grade9Enlight an important program for grade 9 learners, to ensure the subject choice is done with substantial thought behind and not mere peer pressure or teacher pressure. TutorEkasi does not want you guys to go through this ordeal alone, and with us being available for assistance, we are hoping you are also engaging your parents and older siblings for further advise however if not possible, you always welcome to contact us here. TutorEkasi will, from the end of August each year, be going to schools housing grade 9 pupils to enlighten them with the importance of this subject choosing for their subsequent year of study, grade 10. This initiative will be put for the first time at TutorEkasi in 2015 and we believe it will curb the problems encountered by learners and teachers in Grades 10-12 whereby learners start experiencing problems with high learning institutions not accepting them due to subjects not being requirements in their field of interest!


20 July 15