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What Exactly Is a Mentor?

mentor is an individual with expertise or experience who can help develop the career of a mentee. A mentor often has two primary functions for the mentee; the career-related function establishes the mentor as a coach who provides advice to enhance the mentee’s professional performance and development. The psychosocial function establishes the mentor as a role model and support system for the mentee. Both functions provide explicit and implicit lessons related to professional development as well as general work–life balance.*

What is then a Mentee?

A mentee is in this context a learner, not a protégé as with a protégé the mentee is under the mentor’s wing and learning directly from what the mentor does. In the context of TutorEkasi, we are referring to learners who are yet to establish what they would like to do and pursue post matric, primarily an unskilled inexperience pupils who are being groomed independently. These learners have now a chance to understand from their mentors’ experience how varsity life and life in general is outside the rural areas they were brought up, to aid them in the transition. Furthermore the learners get to learn or understand for themselves through the mentor’s assistant and guidance what they were enjoy doing to help them in correct career choice.

When Should I Get a Mentor?

Mentors are helpful regardless of where you are in your career. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or a few years from retirement, there are always others who have “been there, done that” from whom you can learn. So no matter who you are, it has always been said, “Now is the time to get started”.

If/when you’re more experienced, you may want to be a mentor too. Please do so!! It’s an incredibly fulfilling experience and we believe that mentors learn just as much as those they assist, their mentees.

Mentor-mentee Relationship explained:

The mentorship relationship has numerous stages, the Initiation, Cultivation and Separation stage. TutorEkasi will be using a formal form of mentoring to enable the right willing mentors to be linked with appropriate mentees. Hence the importance in mentioning the mentoring stages, in a nutshell, a mentor-mentee relationship will be initiated and relationship develops through the cultivation stage and soon there will be come time for the separation stage to take effect whereby the mentee may want to now establish themselves apart from the mentor or vice versa. We do however encourage the relationships to continue perhaps as friendship or informal mentoring as a relationship would have now developed amongst both parties. Click here for a guidance of the do’s and don’ts of mentorship relationship, courtesy of American Psychology Association (APA).


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